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BKC International Breeders Kennel Club Puppy Registrations:

With BKC Puppy Registration, you may register a puppy you purchased from a BKC Breeder who provided you with a Pre-Printed Puppy Registration Application.

The BKC Pre-Printed Puppy Application given to you by the BKC Breeder verifies that the puppy was pre-registered and is eligible for official registration with Breeders Kennel Club Inc.

Registering your puppy is quick and easy. This certifies your puppy as a BKC registered canine and protects your rights and privileges as a BKC Member.

To Register Your Puppy Online:

  1. Click on “Register Your Dog
  2. Create an account
  3. Use the information provided on the Pre-Printed Puppy Application to complete the form
  4. Finish by clicking on “SUBMIT”

To Register Your Puppy By Mail:

  1. Fill out the Pre-Printed Puppy Application provided by the BKC Breeder
  2. Mail the completed application to:

Breeders Kennel Club  P.O. Box 441, Duluth, Ga 30096

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours to notify you that the Puppy Registration was successful. Once the submitted information is verified, your certificate will be mailed to you. Applications may take up to 7-10 business days to arrive.



Contact Us

Breeders Kennel Club

 P.O. Box 441 Duluth, Georgia 30096

 Phone : (470) 525-6223

 Email : info@breederskennelclub.com


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